Belle Cuisine Personal Chef Service of Orange County believes that food has the ability to foster some of the most enjoyable experiences in life. It can bring a busy family around the table; turn a special occasion into a delicious memory; and awaken an inner passion to explore and create beautiful dishes of your own. Whichever avenue it takes you, the beauty of food awaits.

Belle Cuisine Personal Chef Services

Imagine sitting down at your dinner table to a healthy, delicious meal while your family shares the events of the day. This is an occasion that most modern families fantasize about but don’t have the time or perhaps the ability to create in their own homes. Instead they settle for unhealthy take-out, frozen meals, low quality restaurant food or spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals and cleaning. You CAN change this and you deserve to. With the care and skill of Belle Cuisine Personal Chef Services, enjoying a beautiful and healthy meal with your family without the stress of cooking or cleaning can be your reality. Let Belle Cuisine help you realize the value of mealtime with your family, save money and ultimately help you answer the question..."What's for dinner?".

Belle Cuisine Parties & Wine Tastings

Can you remember the last time you hosted a dinner party, bridal shower or special occasion at your home and actually had the time to enjoy your guests? Probably not. So when these occasions arrive, you either spend the entire day in the kitchen, missing out on the fun, or you call your local restaurant, book a table and get stuck with grumpy wait staff, mandatory tipping for “large parties” and a setting that lacks the comfort of your own home. Where is the intimacy?

Now imagine this special occasion in your own home with your Belle Cuisine Personal Chef in the kitchen making sure everything is perfect. Envision an elegant luncheon for your best friend’s shower, a beautiful and delicious five course meal shared with friends for your spouse’s birthday, or a fun and casual old-fashioned shrimp boil with newspaper covering the table, plenty of sourdough bread and cold beer to kick off the summer months.

Let Belle Cuisine make your entertaining fun and memorable. Your friends will be talking about the experience for years to come.

Belle Cuisine Cooking Lessons, Demonstrations & Gift Ideas

Learning to cook can be fun! Whether you would like to impress your friends and family with a specific dish, learn the basics, or take your current skills to the next level, Belle Cuisine will be your personal culinary tutor.  Chef Jennifer can teach you one-on-one or you can gather a group of friends and host a group lesson.

Cooking lessons are a perfect gift for new brides, kids getting ready to leave the nest or for that “foodie” friend that would love to reap the benefits of a culinary tutor.

Cooking and baking demonstrations are also available and a great idea for making any occasion extra special.

  • Baby Shower – “Easy and Elegant hors d'oeuvres”
  • Little Girl’s Tea Party – “Cupcake Decorating”
  • Bridal Shower – “Making the Perfect Date Dinner”
  • Birthdays - "Let's Make Pizza!"

The options abound…